Driving Improvements in Marketing, Planning, Forecasting and Allocation in Marketing Supply Chain Operations

Based on the findings of the Marketing Supply Chain Institute study, Define Where To Streamline, marketers have yet to audit or map their own supply chain procedures to identify areas for improvement, even though many understand a streamlined process would bring greater savings, efficiency and an accelerated go-to-market strategy. Through the research, four key areas of challenge emerged: Management of Obsolescence and Print On Demand Strategy, Delivery of Customer Experience, Enhancing Improve Speed to Market, and Efficient Sales Enablement. Each of these areas will be explored in a series of papers from the Marketing Supply Chain Institute in a new program, Mapping+Tracking the Optimized Marketing Supply Chain.


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Demand forecasting reduces guesswork in supply chains Traditional demand planning systems give an indication of average sales of products for this time of the year, but don’t necessarily leverage current information in the supply chain – including customer inventories, point of sale…more »


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Sales Reps – Know Your Targets In fact, recent Aberdeen research published in December, 2009 -- "Inside Sales Enablement: "Let Them Drink Coffee!" -- found that users of sales intelligence achieve 56 percent better lead conversion rates than non-users…more »
Brocade and McAfee deepen channel links To equip partners with the tools to sell these joint solutions, Brocade and McAfee have rolled out channel marketing and sales enablement programmes…more »


Coca-Cola and global specs So if we had two single-serve PET bottles instead of 10 or so, it would increase speed to market and reduce investment cost. Having said that, we must remember that marketing thrives on differentiation and unique shapes… more »
Microsoft's Mobile Morass Microsoft's speed to market in the mobile space has been hobbled lately by its restricting the solution of every problem to a Windows-derived operating system," Hilwa pointed out."… more »

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