• The Media Handbook: A Complete Guide to Advertising Media Selection, Planning, Research, and Buying
    The Media Handbook provides a practical introduction to the complete media planning and buying process. Emphasizing basic media planning and buying calculations along with the practical realities of offering plan alternatives and evaluating the plan, this third edition incorporates three new topics—consolidation, consumer control, and communication accountability—reflecting the critical changes in how media today are planned, bought, and sold. Author Helen Katz looks at the larger marketing, advertising, and media objectives, and follows with an exploration of major media categories, including those emerging, such as branded entertainment and viral marketing. She provides a comprehensive analysis of planning and buying, with a continued focus on how those tactical elements tie back to the strategic aims of the brand and client. Read more »
  • Strategic Marketing Management: A Process Based Approach
    Strategic Marketing Management: A process based approach integrates Marketing with other aspects of Management such as strategy, organisational theory, strategic financial management and management accounting, HRM, information systems, corporate image and communications, operations management and logistics. It provides the final year student with an overview of how marketing fits into the overall management picture. Strategic Marketing Management: a process-based approach draws heavily on Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), a term which, in the past ten years, has caught the imagination of the business and commercial world. Read more »
  • Marketing Channels: Managing Supply Chain Relationships
    The authors introduce the Value Chain Relationship (VCR) Model – the first text available to focus on how marketing channels, buyer-seller relationships and supply chain management can be integrated to create competitive advantage. The VCR model includes B2B, B2C and C2C exchanges. Special emphasis is given to the multi-directional flows in multiple channels management. The VCR model provides a map for guiding students through marketing channels and supply chain management practices. This pedagogical package will contain a combination of text, cases, and readings. It contains coverage of legal, regulatory and ethical issues; technological issues (e.g., radio frequency identification and enterprise resource planning), and supply chain performance metrics. Careful attention is paid to the pacing of material throughout the semester. Read more »
  • Marketing ROI : The Path to Campaign, Customer, and Corporate Profitability
    ROI (Return on Investment) is today's key business tool for measuring how effectively money was spent--yet few marketing managers receive any ROI training at all. Marketing ROIchanges all that, showing marketing pros at every level how to use ROI and other financial metrics to support their strategic decision making. This comprehensive book details how an accurate working knowledge of ROI is essential for using the latest marketing measurements, and provides insights for gaining the greatest competitive advantage from the skilled use and understanding of ROI concepts. Read more »
  • The Marketing Accountability Imperative: Driving Superior Returns on Marketing Investments
    In this practical guide, Prophet CEO Michael Dunn teams up with marketing effectiveness expert Chris Halsall to help marketing managers and CMOs make better marketing spending decisions and better evaluate the success or failure of these decisions. They show how to sort through the clutter of metrics, measurement, and analytic options, and provide the practical information needed to help establish the marketing accountability imperative--highlighting the critical need for more effective stewardship of marketing spending. Read more »
  • Marketing Resource Management; The noble art of getting things done in marketing. Efficiently.
    If one-third of the value of your company relates to goodwill, represented by the brand, you'd better have full control over marketing activities and resources. You can be creative in the ideas for your campaigns as long as you are structured in the management of those campaigns. Creativity and structure, it takes both skills to be the perfect marketer. Integrating marketing into the company is linking marketing, including operations, back to corporate strategy. To develop a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) strategy you need to agree on the 4 efficiency directions, you need to select from the 10 Functional Areas and you need to allocate 5 marketing resources. This book provides the logic required. Read more »


Inventory management will probably be the biggest challenge facing discretionary-focused retailers for the next few years.
According to a study made this summer in CEE region by Linea Directa Communications, a direct marketing and call centre company, companies with small marketing budgets dominate in terms of study participants, budgets undering 250.000 € being reported especially in Hungary (89,4%), Russia (88,6%) and Romania (85,4%).