White Papers

  • Name Change: Procurement Department to Accountability Department
    The ANA has a new task force to improve the image of procurement. On the face of it, that might be like trying to improve the image of the IRS. For years, agency CEOs, associations like the 4As and an endless number of agency financial people have complained that procurement“ just does not understand or have learned about the agency business”. It was a knee-jerk reaction and it’s somewhat understandable since procurements initial and primary job was to cut agency fees and reduce cost. But now we also know that CMOs need to get a dose of procurement image re-evaluation since only 49% think their own procurement departments were knowledgeable about marketing. Therefore, this “task” that the task force has been empowered to study and look at for the ANA sounds like a good idea – at least in principle. As the old saying goes, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” But you can provide new purpose and benefits that procurement can deliver to both the CMO and agencies. Read more »
  • Are Agencies Paid Too Much... A Self-Administered Test
    Anyone asking that question typically has a motive. Or, think they already have the answer. If you would have asked me that question when I ran Grey Worldwide or FCB, my answer would have been “NO -- how can you ask me such a thing”. But, I am sure most of the client CFO’s and Procurement Officers I worked with had a differentanswer. So, how about a test? A few questions you can answer in the comfort and privacy of your office about your current agency compensation arrangements. In the end, you can judge for yourself whether you might be paying your agencies too much, or not. Read more »
  • Optimizing Your Marketing Supply Chain in a Recession
    A natural reaction in a recession is to retreat, cancel all new programs or projects, essentially tightening the budget. However, smart companies are much more planned and targeting areas that will not only help them through a downturned economy, but to also help them prosper during and after. Read more »
  • Outsourcing the Marketing Supply Chain
    All organizations have a supply chain that produces marketing (print. promotional products and point of sale) materials to market their products and services. The Marketing Supply Chain is often comprised of numerous partners inside and outside of the organization - such as brand managers, marketing services, agencies, direct sales teams, buyers, printers, fulfillment houses and many others - all interconnected through often very complex relationships with little to no measurement in efficiency. Read more »
  • The Return to Profitability: Spend Management priorities to accelerate savings and drive long-term growth
    This spring, Ariba conducted a survey to learn the most important spend management priorities that companies today are focused on to cope with the recession. More than 225 Procurement professionals—representing a variety of industries, roles, company sizes, and regions—participated in this research. This informative report identifies the key challenges and priorities that companies across the board face in today's tough economy. Read more »
  • The CPO's Agenda: Smart Strategies for Tough Times
    The global recession is taking no prisoners. Yet, as this business downturn continues, the Chief Procurement Officer's (CPO) agenda and the CEO's agenda have started to converge. In fact, two-thirds of this study's participants believe that the economic downturn has positively impacted the role of the CPO within the enterprise. In this report, sponsored by Ariba, Aberdeen Group defines three key areas that Best-in-Class organizations should take action: supply risk management, sourcing and other cost containment initiatives and strategic planning Read more »
  • Effective Supplier Performance Management: Maximize your Profitability and Minimize Risks
    Supply chains of midsize to large enterprises today have one glaring trait in common: uncertainty. This paper reviews the seven foundational principles of supplier performance management and details on what you can measure and manage. Through a toughtful and incremental approach toward supplier performance management, your supply chain executives gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what your suppliers are doing, and to what end. Read more »
  • What Every CMO Needs to Know about Sponsorship
    A best practice sponsor will take an entirely different approach to selection, negotiation, and leverage. They will take an approach that is anchored in the mindset of win-win-win – you win, your partner wins, and the target market wins. How? Not by entering a contest they know they’re not going to win. Read more »
  • The Marketing Supply Chain
    In this presentation, Bob Liodice identifies the current weaknesses in the marketing supply chain and the many changes that will effect the advertiser, the agency and the media. He outlines the importance of a universal coding standard and outlines steps to make your organization more accountable and profitable. Read more »
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing for Consumer Products Companies
    In this Whitepaper, explore how consumer products executives are gaining actionable market intelligence and clear visibility into all aspects of the enterprise, its suppliers, and customers to execute brand strategies efficiently at the shelf level. The key to their success is: an integrated sales and marketing approach. Read more »
  • Optimizing Your Marketing Mix in a Down Economy
    In today's economy, online marketers are challenged more than ever to maximize the return on spend in light of shrinking budgets, and an increasing array of marketing opportunities. To be successful, marketers need to allocate their resources across programs that drive their acquisition, conversion and retention goals. It is critical that marketers in online businesses obtain not only clear end-to-end visibility into the performance of any campaign individually, but also a comprehensive understanding of visitor behavior across all their campaigns and programs together. Read this white paper to learn how marketing analytics provides comprehensive insight and can help ensure that you make the best possible decisions for your business. Read more »
  • Optimizing Marketing Spend of Financial Services
    Financial services customers are a demanding crowd. How do you pick the right marketing initiatives to win their business online? Learn about the latest marketing trends in financial services and how web analytics can increase online conversion. Read more »
  • Using Technology to Manage the Marketing Spend
    Planning & Financial Management addresses this broad business issue. Planning & Financial Management is one component within the Aprimo Suite. The entire suite is based on our Enterprise Marketing Backbone that reduces total cost of ownership and connects your marketing technology with the rest of the enterprise. Read more »
  • The CPO's Agenda: Smart Strategies for Tough Times
    In this report, sponsored by Ariba, Aberdeen Group defines three key areas that Best-in-Class organizations should take action: supply risk management, sourcing and other cost containment initiatives and strategic planning. Read more »


Inventory management will probably be the biggest challenge facing discretionary-focused retailers for the next few years.
According to a study made this summer in CEE region by Linea Directa Communications, a direct marketing and call centre company, companies with small marketing budgets dominate in terms of study participants, budgets undering 250.000 € being reported especially in Hungary (89,4%), Russia (88,6%) and Romania (85,4%).